About us

In 1974 Texol Chemical was founded as an independent German company and right from the start it focused its attention on the technical innovation of tribology. Therefore Texol Chemical has soon become a specialist for high performance lubricants used in applications where bearings, gears and other machine elements have to meet extreme requirements. Numerous patents prove the claim which forms the basis for Texol Chemical’s research and development. The additive system TEXOL FLUID ADDITIVES SYSTEM for example is a technical development which does not only considerably reduce friction in lubricated systems but which even smooths damaged surfaces. For the Texol Chemical customer this adds up because optimum lubrication means less wear, and a wear reduction translates itself directly into decreased costs in all production processes.

Thus Texol Chemical has become the lubricant supplier to the most important industries. Today the company has 370 employees and about 50 agencies all over the world.

Since 2001 Texol Chemical is a subsidiary of the BPCL Texol Company. This means a considerable increase in financial strength. Above all the Texol Chemical research Group has now – especially via Texol – Access to the results of international developments which in turn are of benefit to Texol Chemical customers all over the world

In four areas Texol Chemical offers peak performance to its customers. First we develop, produce and distribute high performance lubricants and chemical which are at the state of the art of research and technology. Secondly Texol Chemical offers its customers competent consultation which sees tribological problems in their context. Thirdly we quarantee our partners a friendly and reliable service. And finally in the fourth place we ensure the best quality in every area of our company. This is further illustrated by the granting of the quality assurance certificate in conformity with DIN ISO 9001 to Texol Chemical in 1993.

The fact that 20% of our staff is employed in research and development proves how seriously we take this sector. These employees are constantly exchanging experience not only with the R+D departments of The BPCL Texol Company but also with renowned scientific research institutes around the world.

The electronically controlled, flexible plants which Texol Chemical uses in its production do not only ensure consistant high quality but also variable production capacities. Texol Chemical is constantly investing in the updating of its production plants to make sure that this company sector also represents the state of the art of technology.

The Texol Chemical production technology is also non-polluting. The thermal exhaust gas cleaning equipment quarantees a remarkable reduction of ait pollution and the integrated energy recirculation process prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

Texol Chemical takes great pride in service. For we know that only by complying with our customers immediate demands a reliable basis for permanent business relations can be established. Qualified Texol Chemical expert teams consult our partners all around the world.

Our sales force is constantly being trained to be always aquainted with the state of the art of tribology.

And finally the engineers of our technical service have a comprehensive knowledge fort he application of Texol Chemical high performance lubricants and chemical in almost every branch of industry.